Tour Itineraries

Here I give a brief overview of all the tours that our company offers. We have both English and Chinese speaking tours to every part of China. Our tour guides and tour directors are all seasoned professionals, most have over 10 years of experience leading overseas guests though China and all are bilingual in English and Chinese Mandarin (so don’t worry, you’re in safe hands).

I’ll provide links to the tours below, as they are mostly posts from the blog and not actual pages (ones in black will be written soon:

Our Tours:

Classic Highlight Tour 9 Days (G9E)

Tibet Discovery 11 Days (T11E)

Classic Highlight Tour 12 Days (G12E)

Railway to Tibet 12 Days (TT12E)

Southeast Asian Odyssey 13 Days (CV13E)

Silk Road Sojourn 14 Days (S14E)

Kashgar Silk Road 16 Days (SK16E)

Yunnan & the Roof of the World 16 Days (T16E)

Mongolian Adventures 16 Days (K16E)

*Words in parentheses are our tour codes.

If you have any questions, or want to book a tour, drop us an email or give us a call. Contact info will be in the “contact” tab of the homepage.

P.S: we have a “secret” Chinese brochure. They go to lesser known (but famous within the Chinese community) areas of China. All tours are in Chinese. Call us at (800) 868-6686  for details.


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