Frozen China: Shenyang

Hi all.

Today is my second day in the Dongbei area of China. I got in last night at around midnight. Our tour flew  out from Los Angeles on China Eastern Airlines at 11:20 AM. We arrived in Shanghai and transferred to our flight to Shenyang at 9:40. Two hours later, we arrive in the largest city north of Beijing.

The weather here has been cold, but bearable. This morning, temperatures were at -9°F but went up to 18°F in the afternoon. So all in all not too bad, although my legs were shivering a little and my feet were cold in my boots (I ended up putting feet warmers in my shoes later on).

Our first stop today was the Shenyang Mansion of General Zhang. General Zhang Zuolin and his son Zhang Xuelin were two warlords of Manchuria during the early 20th century. General Zhang Zuolin was actually killed by the invading Japanese army, who thought that his son would be more sympathetic to their cause (they were wrong). The two are national heroes in China for their services in protecting the country. General Zhang built this enormous complex for his wives and children.

Statue of General Zhang
The Main Building in the mansion complex

The complex has some very beautiful scenery. I’ve posted more pictures up on our Flickr for you to see.

Then we went for lunch, which was very filling and warmed us up considerably.


Just a small peek at the food we ate

After lunch we got back on the bus and made our way to the Shenyang Imperial Palace. It’s much colder at the palace site, so bundle up some more when you go. Qing Dynasty emperors spent some of their time here at the palace early in their rule. It’s now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Entrance to Shenyang Palace
One part of Shenyang Palace

Afterwards, we headed to a tea shop and then back to the hotel to rest. We met up for a dumpling dinner at 5:30. Shenyang is known for their dumplings.


Our smorgasbord of dumplings

After that, it was time to go home. Tomorrow I begin the day at 5:45 AM to catch a train to Changchun, where I’ll go to Jilin from there. I’ll update again soon.

If you want more pictures, I have some uploaded onto our Flickr. I’ll put them up on Facebook also, once I’m back in the US and have access to it again.

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