Spend 9 days in China’s biggest cities (G9E)

I was asked to talk about one of our tours. Our Classic Highlight Tour (tour code G9E) takes you through in China’s biggest cities. It’s a 9 day tour, with prices starting at $849 for the fall season. Call or check out our website. http://ow.ly/2rp44

The itinerary highlights Beijing, Shanghai, Wuxi, Suzhou, and Hangzhou, which I’ve all been to and all the cities are lovely. Suzhou and Hangzhou are especially pretty, what with Suzhou’s gardens and Hangzhou’s famous West Lake.


Suzhou Garden



Hangzhou's famous West Lake


The West Lake is especially famous in China as a romantic spot for couples. Think about it, strolling along the quiet lakeside on a misty day. Maybe there’ll be some light rain, which means cuddling up next to your loved one under a shared umbrella. The lake also has a place in classic Chinese literature, mostly as a romantic setting where lovers met. Makes you all warm and fuzzy inside doesn’t it?

But, make sure you don’t get too wet. Like I did when I went to the lake in the pouring rain. That’s no fun at all.

In other news, our Director of Sales, Matthew, went on a “expedition” to Mongolia. He, along with members of our Shanghai branch, checked out the sights and now we’re planning on creating a China/Mongolia tour for next year. Stay tuned for photos and updates about how that’s going.

Day-by-Day Itinerary in a Nutshell

Day 1: USA->Beijing

Day 2: Beijing

Day 3: Beijing (highlights: Forbidden City/Palace Museum, Qianmen District, The Legend of Kung Fu performance)

Day 4: Beijing (highlights: Great Wall of China, National Stadium/Bird’s Nest)

Day 5: Beijing->Shanghai->Suzhou->Wuxi (highlights: Hanshan Temple, Panman Scenic Area, Silk Weaving Workshop)

Day 6: Wuxi->Hangzhou (highlights: Liyuan Garden, local teahouse)

Day 7: Hangzhou->Shanghai (highlights: West Lake, Qinghe Old Street)

Day 8: Shanghai (highlights: The Bund, Shanghai World Expo Memorial Park)

Day 9: Shanghai->USA

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