I Am Way Too Exhausted To Be Clever

So after a 12 hour flight to Shanghai, crammed into a tiny economy seat where the person in front of me decided to lean his chair all the way back, and then a 4 hour layover in Pudong International Airport, and then another 3 hour flight to Kunming, I have finally arrived at my destination. It’s currently 1 AM in the morning, my phone is on it’s last leg (thank god I got my charger to it in time), and my friend and I are exhausted.

We haven’t been able to see anything of Kunming yet, except for some late night images of people eating on the few open restaurants and a couple of locals motorcycling about. It’s all very quiet and peaceful here, at least at the moment.

I was greeted with an enormous bouquet of flowers also, and my tour group all got “lei-ed.”

That was an extremely lame joke.

Anyway, it’s almost 2 AM, and so I think I’m going to fall into a deep slumber. I’ll update as soon as possible. Keep reading!

P.S. For those of you who have been to Kunming, any suggestions on what 2 young 20-somethings can do, that won’t stir suspicions amongst a group of middle aged dentists? Thanks in advance.

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