Taking a Breather

So I know that I said that I’ll regale you (or bore you, whichever) with my time in Beijing, but currently my brain is completely fried from planning our new brochure. I’m teaching myself InDesign, which is proving to be harder than I thought it would be. What doesn’t help is that our company server is completely disorganized and chaotic; I can’t move anything around though, as a lot of it is shared files and someone might lose something in the shuffle. Thus, I can’t find our updated Terms and Conditions, etcetera etcetera. And I also don’t know which photos we’re allowed to use, since copyright is such a big deal right now (though that’s proving to be easier, except for my current conundrum of finding a decent map of China).

After hours of laboring, I’ve only got a cover…I know. I’m ashamed too.

It looks incredibly simple too doesn’t it? I think the hardest part was choosing pictures and hoping that we got the rights to use them (we do).

And then I go and try a trial print, and I end up with white space. That just made me angry.

What also makes me angry is that I found the perfect picture for one page, but the image is too small. Expanding the image makes my Photoshop go insane, not to mention the photo ends up looking incredibly grainy.

We also have an auction going on over at eBay. We’re selling a 6 Day 4 Night Shanghai World Expo Package, which starts at $450. Or you can buy it now for $499. I read at Xinhua News that hotels in Shanghai are booked at 92% already, so if you’re thinking of going on your own, you might want to reconsider. Besides, booking travel on your own is actually more expensive than going with a tour group. And for those who don’t like following tour groups, this package gives you a lot of free time to explore, so no worries there.

Well, it’s almost time for me to get off work. I’m going to crank out another page on this brochure and I’ll feel slightly better about my time at work today. I did a lot I feel, given that our server is apparently my punishment for something I did wrong in a past life.

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