Dear Friends

Welcome to the new Grand American Travels, Inc. blog. Since this company focuses mainly on China tourism, our posts will, obviously, deal with general travel tips and personal experiences when traveling through China. Our company president has travelled to every major city and province in China; he’s experienced it all. So no worries about incorrect info here!

First, a little about your author. My name is Louisa Tsai; I manage all of GAT’s social networks, which basically boils down to writing and updating this blog, our Twitter, our Facebook page, and our Ruba page. I also design all the headers and backgrounds on our official website, this blog, and our Twitter (if only Facebook let you customize). Although I’ve only been in the travel industry for a short period of time, I’ve been around it my entire life: this company was started by my family. So feel free to ask me any questions about travel; I’ll probably know the answer.

I would like to encourage those travellers who have been to China to post their own experiences in China, as variation and diversity is quite a lovely thing. If anyone has any questions about travelling in and around China, or any other countries (I have been to 22 countries, no joke), feel free to ask.

Anyway, I raise my imaginary champagne glass to you all on this inaugural post on out new blog. *clink*

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